Sunday, June 28, 2009

On Steve Hargadon’s Blog-servations

I actually wanted to comment on his first point: You don't really know what social networking sites you create will take off or succeed.

See, it never occurred to me that one might create a social networking site “just to see if it would fly.” (I know, duh.) But as I read along, I quickly learned that Steve has done this dozens of times.

“They” always say that the most successful entrepreneurs are not afraid of failing & I think there’s something to that. According to this philosophy, it would seem that you would try and try and try, throwing various things up against the Velcro wall -- some will stick, some won’t.

This has important implications in just giving an SNS-oriented assignment a try in your classes and not giving up if they don’t work one semester with one class. The idea here is that you give it a shot, analyze the process during and after, trouble-shoot what seems to work and what seems to be going awry. Then you fine-tune over the break and try again.

Hargardon’s other points were intriguing and astute: the quality of the SNS depends on the quality of engagement, particularly as exemplified by the early adopters… and that the SNS must have a compelling need or serve a real purpose or it will fall flat.

You know, as I think about my (lack of) involvement with Facebook, the final points are key. It does not serve a real purpose for me. Yes, I have gotten in touch with a few key people, but I am not an “active.” Some people think it’s the greatest thing evah, but the real test is whether it’s compelling enough for you? And if not, then what is? Is there another SNS out there that might be? That is the question… Maybe I need to invent one ;-))

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